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Submit your Film

Have you made a film that you'd like to submit to Movies on a Big Screen for consideration for screening? Wondering what's involved? It's pretty simple!

We're currently considering feature-length documentaries and narratives. All subjects and genres are fine, but we usually don't end up selecting too much straight-up horror.

We generally ask for a DVD screener. If you have additional information on your title (for example, a press kit), feel free to include this with the screener, although we do not require additional materials. We accept both NTSC and PAL formats for DVD. Prior to submitting, please make sure that your film is encoded at a standard frame rate.

Other formats we can take include NTSC Blu-Ray (unencypted preferred if possible for highest player compatability), NTSC or PAL high definition transport streams on disc, specification compliant AVCHD @720p or 1080i (NTSC and PAL) and 720p or higher resolution Quicktime. As we are projecting to a large screen we are unable to accept web delivery formats such as FLV. There are additional formats we can probably take, so please contact us if you have any questions.

Please pack materials securely so they get to us safely. We recommend a bubble mailing envelope and within that a paper sleeve, or Amaray (keep-case) style case. We do not recommend clamshell cases as they tend to have loose hubs which can cause the disc to spin (and scratch) during transport. Cardboard (Digipack) fold-out style and Jewel cd cases are usually fine as long as it is secured. If you have any questions regarding packaging, please feel free to contact us!

We do not charge a fee to submit. We do not typically return screeners, although if circumstances exist where you find it necessary for a screener to be returned, please let us know and we will try to accommodate the request.

First, please send an email to In this email, please include the title of your film, runtime, a short synopsis, and your contact info. The subject of the email should include "Submission" followed by the title of your film. We will follow up with you on who and where to send the materials to.

Please be aware we are often backlogged on viewing screeners, so at times it can take awhile for us to view your submission.